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B Grade - Resin stir stick mold(A) Reusable stir stick mold


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B-Grade - Resin stir stick mold.

Ready to make a "resin stir stick" by yourself?

You may say “What a simple!?” But let me tell you... I think I know every resin artist always has the leftover resin...So, instead of letting them uselessly dry, why don’t we build the new leftover resin popsicle stick to use for next!

— No waste of resin at the bottom of the cup!

Amazing right?! 😁😁 This mold is very simple, useful, and reusable!

★ High-quality handmade platinum cure silicone mold.
★ Flexible and durable.
★ Unique design.
★ Food grade silicone.
★ Shiny surface.
★ Perfect for casting resin, polymer clay, soap, wax, gypsum, concrete.
Finished piece details

★ The finished piece depth is 2 mm. 

★ The finished piece is 4.6 inches x 0.7 inches

Processing time: 3-5 business days



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