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Funky Alphabet Mold for Making Resin Keychains | Letter Silicone Molds | Keychain Mold | Alphabet Mold for Resin Crafts l Capital Alphabet


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Funky Alphabet Mold for Making Resin Keychains

Funky Alphabet Silicone Molds! 🅰️🅱️🆒 These molds are perfect for adding a splash of old-school charm to your resin keychains. Think retro vibes with a modern twist! 🎨🔄

Why You'll Love Them:

★Funky Style: Bring back the 90s with these bold, quirky fonts!
★ Color Play: Two-layered design means endless color combinations. Mix & match to your heart's content!
★ Keychain Perfection: Create unique, personalized keychains that stand out from the crowd.
★These molds can be used as keychains, Christmas ornaments, decorations, etc.
★ High-quality handmade, Platinum cure silicone mold.
★ Flexible and durable.
★ Unique design.
★ Shiny surface.
★ Perfect for casting resin, polymer clay, soap, wax, gypsum, concrete.
Product Details

★ Finished piece depth is 6 mm.
★ Each letter is 3 inches high.
★How to use this mold★

1. Pour the resin into the mold and let it fully cure then pop it out.
Processing time: 3-5 business days
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